Reuses Reuse - started 2nd May, 2019

Welcome to ReUses
This is the new online launchpad for much to do with 'reuse'.

ReUse is a hot-topic these days - but it's a jumble - as far as I can see, on the web.
Last Monday I just happened to discover by accident that these domains were available.
Listed on the left.
So rightly or wrongly (?) I bought them.

Reuse is a really important word in modern society.
Reuse is better than recycling.

Reuse is the most fundamentally important aspect of good design. It's easy to see how the generic domain could be used for providing generally reusable systems. Have you any ideas?

Reuse is also important to me, for a long time my family and I have avoided buying anying at all new.

So, luckily I've got these domains - have you any ideas about how they could/should be developed?

If you see potential in developing anything you see here, either together with me or perhaps independently, please contact me.

If you have issues, questions or suggestions let me know now.

Jon Castle
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